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Day 1: Explore Victoria, BC. Your Vancouver Island Road Trip route is going to begin on a ferry. As explained above, there are several ways to get here, but Berty and I chose to take the . Jul 01,  · July 1, All those who celebrate Canada as their home and native land celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. The day commemorates the anniversary of the . To learn more see our article about Granville Island on Canada Day. Vancouver Boat Parties. Vancouver Boat Parties is a company that offers nightclub-style events on party boats at .

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All Canada Day events in the city were cancelled. Canada Day was also smaller-scale in New Westminster compared to normal years. Celebrations in are similar to , although there are more things to do. Activities on offer include yoga, the New West Farmers Market, free concerts in local parks and a variety of workshops at different locations.

In a number of events and activities happen on July 1st. On Canada Day the event runs from am until pm. Expect to see live performances, food trucks and more. Canada Day in Port Coquitlam begins with a pancake breakfast and finishes with fireworks. In between there is a fishing derby and live performances. To learn more about this event see our article about Canada Day in Port Coquitlam.

Squamish used to celebrate Canada Day with a parade, community festival and live music. In some years but not all there have also been fireworks. That being said, Canada Day celebrations are taking place just down the way this year at the Britannia Mine Museum.

There are also festivities in Whistler. One of the best times to visit historic Steveston Village in Richmond is on Canada Day when the community attracts up to 70, people to its Salmon Festival. The event features a pancake breakfast, parade, Japanese cultural fair, craft fair, music concerts and a world famous salmon BBQ. In , the celebrations took place in a different format from usual. Most festivities were available online, including a digital parade, virtual performances and more.

The Salmon Festival returns in with things to do in-person throughout the community. The event runs from am until pm on July 1st. There is no parade this year, but there are interesting demonstrations, storytelling, live music, exhibitions and more.

Check out the Steveston Salmon Festival for more information. The big event returns with in-person activities in As with most other top Canada Day festival venues, admission is free. Unlike most other Canada Day events, at the Surrey event there are usually amusement rides.

This is the case again in In addition to all the midway rides, games and food vendors, the Surrey Canada Day event also features live music concerts throughout the day. The celebrations finish with fireworks at about pm. The event usually runs from mid-afternoon until the end of the fireworks at night although not in At this community event participants bring their lawn chairs and picnic dinners and enjoy a variety of live entertainment performances.

For more information about what normally happens on July 1st in this community see our article about West Vancouver on Canada Day. Less than a two-hour drive from Vancouver, more fabulous Canada Day celebrations usually take place up at Whistler.

Whistler announced that the city would run virtual celebrations on July 1st instead. In there are more things to do on July 1st. Celebrations include a pancake breakfast, free yoga class, and a parade where guests walk to different stations in the village. For more information about July 1st events in this community, see our article about Whistler on the Canada Day Weekend.

Dished 29 ultimate Canadian foods to try at least once in your life Dished Staff. Follow daily hive. Listed News, , Events.

Curated Curated. How did they come up with some of these? Dished Food. How many have you tried? Listed DH Community Partnership. The popular July 1 event has been reimagined in the spirit of reconciliation. Listed Events. Enjoy a mighty Canadian concert lineup at this StreetFest! It had a restaurant, a gift shop, a business lounge and a kids play area.

BC Ferries says its busiest times are on holiday weekends, with peak volumes on Thursday and Friday afternoons, Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons. They highly suggest that mid-week, mid-morning sailing times would be best for a less crowded travel experience. For most travel crossings, you want to be there at least 30 minutes before your boarding time. I suggest at least one hour before for busy summer travel times. But check the BC Ferries website for up-to-date, accurate information.

For those who may have never boarded a ferry before, it can be an intimidating process. Once you check in to the terminal, you will be told to sit and wait in a lane until boarding. You can leave your car, but someone a driver must be with the vehicle at all times. Then as you drive up onto the boat, attendants will point you to where you park inside the belly of the ship.

Follow the signs on board for how close to park to the person in front of you. Then turn off your car, head up the stairwell noting where you parked and enjoy the ride! There are a couple of ways to get around on Vancouver Island, but the most efficient will be your own car. This will allow you the freedom of your own itinerary, rather than waiting for public transportation. Bus — The Vancouver Island Connector is a transit system that connects the towns all over the city.

They have a couple of regular stops, like Victoria, Nanaimo and Tofino, but you can make reservations to stop at one of their many locations. Unfortunately, there are no direct routes. For example, you could fly from Vancouver harbour to Nanaimo, then back to Vancouver to head to Tofino, then back again in order to fly to Victoria. Water taxi — In Victoria, you can hop onto the water taxis to effortlessly take you from one part of the harbour to the other.

Sound like fun? Day one of a Vancouver Island Road Trip is all about getting to the islands and seeing your first sights. I loved the smooth ride staring out the windows on the ship lookout out over the blue channel and seeing all the islands dotting the horizon.

This crossing made me appreciate how wild much of British Columbia really is. Not only do they have an interesting downtown, but the town also boasts a Nanaimo Bar Trail. You cannot leave Nanaimo without eating a Nanaimo bar. Tourism Nanaimo has a stop Nanaimo bar trail. From the traditional Nanaimo bar to a Nanaimo bar cinnamon bun to a Nanaimo bar pedicure — there is everything related to this delicious dessert.

Some of the trees here are over years old. The largest tree stands 76 metres, which is 20 metres taller than the leaning tower of Pisa. There are two trails, each winding like a figure eight on both sides of the road.

Both trails are not very long and are easy to walk, so take your time and hike both. Like the hole in the wall, a natural attraction outside of Port Alberni. This short trail, only metres off the highway leads you to a human-made hole in the rock that was taken back by nature, becoming a waterfall. This pull-off from the highway. Fair warning, the Pacific Rim Highway is not for the faint of heart.

After clearing Sproat Lake, the rest of the journey follows the twists and turns of the Kennedy River valley for 42 kilometres. Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition. Luminara of San Ranieri Pisa. Seoul International Fireworks Festival. Pohang International Fireworks Festival.

Quebec City New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Fireworks. Northern Lights. Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Illuminares Lantern Festival. UBC Apple Festival. Carol Ships Parade of Lights. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Cranberry Harvest.


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Receive direct access to our top content, contests and perks. Surrey Canada Day returns this summer with huge concerts and Indigenous cultural sharing. Nickelback set to headline Formula E in Vancouver. What’s open on Canada Day in Vancouver. Indigenous education, recognition the focus of Surrey Canada Day event. Canada Day will be a time of “reflection” after more bodies discovered at former residential school: Trudeau.

Canada Day celebrations cancelled in more BC cities. Home Channels Account Search. Select a Channel DH news The news section. The events section. The real estate section. The sports section. The lifestyle section. The travel section. Dished 29 ultimate Canadian foods to try at least once in your life Dished Staff. Follow daily hive. Listed News, , Events. Curated Curated. How did they come up with some of these? Dished Food. How many have you tried?

Listed DH Community Partnership. Here are a few of our favorite options for getting around Vancouver Island:. There are so many amazing campsites on Vancouver Island, some even right next to the ocean! Our favorite way to rent recreational vehicles is from Outdoorsy.

Renting a converted van would mean you have the freeing mobility to be cooking breakfast under a forested canopy in the morning, and watching the sunset through your open doors after a long surf session by evening! Another really great option for traveling around Vancouver Island would be with a regular-sized car.

One large enough to carry your gear, of course, but this gives you options to easily fit in hotel parking lots, down small roads, and still have the option of car camping, too! If you are traveling to Vancouver Island during the busy season May — September we recommend reserving your ferry spots at the BC ferries website.

If you are traveling to Vancouver Island in the off-season, there is likely to be a spot on the ferry, and you can pay for your ticket upon arrival. The changing seasons bring a variety of awesome activities, and it all depends on what you want to include in your one-week Vancouver Island itinerary.

So how should you break down the days on your 1-week Vancouver road trip itinerary? Your Vancouver Island Road Trip route is going to begin on a ferry. As explained above, there are several ways to get here, but Berty and I chose to take the Black Ball Ferry Line from Port Angeles, Washington, which docks you right in the heart of downtown Victoria.

The ferry ride was an adventure all its own! Berty and I wanted to make this one of the first stops on our Vancouver Island road trip because we wanted to gain a deeper appreciation for the land before we discovered any further. Each one shares a unique story about British Columbia and what makes this area special. Keep returning to this post, because when we make a return trip to Vancouver Island and we want to very soon! To continue your Vancouver Island road trip, grab some coffee at a local roaster in Victoria and hit the road driving to the west coast of the island.

Today will include places like Sooke with amazing cliffside views and trails , Jordan River lush rainforest hikes , and delicious small town treats! Sooke is an adventurous town, just 30 minutes west of Victoria, BC. Many come here to enjoy the surrounding nature, which includes the popular Whiffin Spit Park popular for bird watching and the Sooke Potholes. Sooke is the perfect base to get prepped before your big backpacking trip. You can find tons of resources, as well as many delicious restaurants to prep you for the big trail ahead.

Here, you can take their many coastal trails to discover secret coves perfect for a picnic! Our favorite trail was to Creyke Point pictured above! Here, you have quick access to famous beaches like China Beach and Mystic Beach , and the town also serves as the beginning of the Juan de Fuca Trail.

This is also where we stayed at this gorgeous rainforest cabin , and listened to the rain as we drifted to sleep. For even more surfing opportunities, rainforest trails, and even a secret waterfall, consider hiking to Sombrio Beach.

This trail will bring you to a slot canyon covered in bright green moss, perfect for those Indiana Jones discovery moments on Vancouver Island! Here you can stop in to grab a bite to eat at the exceptional Shirley Delicious restaurant and maybe even time your visit for the annual craft fairs around Christmas and springtime.

Outdoor attractions nearby Shirley include the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Park , and French Beach , where we saw plenty of winter surfers catching waves! A little bit more about Sheringham Point Lighthouse — established in , it saved numerous lives on the dangerous waves offshore this area is known a the Graveyard of the Pacific and was designated a historic site for visitors to enjoy year-round! Standing in the middle of a clear cut forest towers Big Lonely Doug, a 70 meter tall Douglas fir tree.

No one knows why this tree was spared and the others not, but it is a beautiful sight to come and see with your own eyes. We were surprised at how truly huge this tree was, we definitely felt like tiny ants at its base! Looking to explore deep in the rainforest on Vancouver Island? Avatar Grove is located just a short drive north of Port Renfrew, and it boasts some of the largest trees in the county! Each has a series of boardwalks to weave you through the forest to explore the numerous attractions along the way.

Plan to see them together to save time! Mystic Beach is one of the most popular beaches to visit in this part of Vancouver Island. Serving as one terminus of the Juan de Fuca Trail, you will see backpackers enter here for their long kilometer journey as well as day hikers coming to watch the sunset.

The journey is just as fun as the destination! Along the way, you will find yourself walking across a suspension bridge , crossing streams, and climbing over tree roots to reach the beach. Once you arrive, turn to your left to discover the waterfall cascading over the sandstone cliffs into the ocean! This beach in British Columbia has some of the richest and most diverse tide pools in the area.

Most of them are so clear and so deep that it looks like you are peeking into a mini aquarium at your feet! We highly recommend visiting during low tide so you can experience the tide pools in their entirety. Tide pool etiquette rules are required to keep this place alive and thriving, so do your part by stepping only on bare rocks and putting things back where you found them. Finally, never turn your back to the ocean even at low tide! Click to read the full list here! These road trip planner apps help us find everything from the fastest routes to the cheapest gas stations.

We use these road trip apps all the time to make our lives a little bit easier during long road trips, and we hope you find your new favorites, too! Want to get to know your group better? You can even download the list for offline use here! Tofino is a west coast town on Vancouver Island, known for its surf culture and relaxing ocean vibe. We think that if you spend a few days here, you can achieve everything on this list below!

Some of our favorite times of the day were spent wandering the shores of beautiful beaches in Tofino. Depending on the time of year you take your road trip on Vancouver Island, the beaches can look very different, each season with its own unique vibe!

Come to Cox Bay to watch experienced surfers catch the waves. There are so many beaches in Tofino to explore — we recommend stopping by the Tofino Visitor Centre to ask for suggestions.

They can let you know which beach is best for you and your desired activities. Hot Springs Cove is a once in a lifetime adventure to a geothermal pool tucked away on the rocky shores of Vancouver Island! Plan for a full-day trip to these hot springs in BC. Regular tours leave around am and return around pm. For more information and tricks to potentially get it all to yourself!

This short but steep hike is located at the southernmost point of Cox Bay. There are hot pink trail markers wrapped around tree trunks to help guide your way if you get lost.


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