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We still stand by the opinion that Cheugy was a word invented by the New York Times and then used predominantly by millennials to complain about how Gen Z was being mean to them, but we digress.

Hopefully, this word stays in Nearly everyone knows the devastating breakup anthem is about actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The memes then swiftly ensued. The audio trend has become so ubiquitous that Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo, among other celebs, made a TikTok lip-syncing to the audio that then also went viral. When vaccines became widely available, a hierarchy formed. It can be assumed the tweet and campaign were meant to garner much more praise from the internet for being so clever and witty, and Burger King did in fact go viral, just for all the wrong reasons.

A slew of memes referencing M. Sea shanties had a major moment earlier this year after growing insanely popular on TikTok.

But the sheer absurdity of this blatantly false story was really what sent Twitter spiraling. Of course, platforms like Twitter and Reddit were up and running, so there was still mindless scrolling, discourse and lots of memes to be had much of it, of course, centered around the strange outage. Testing out the cardboard beds at the Olympic Village beastbeautybrains olympics cardboardbeds tokyoolympics usarugby japan athletes rugger.

The beds were made almost entirely out of renewable materials and were recycled into paper products after the Games. While they were built for sustainability, the cardboard beds became an internet fixation for other reasons. Are they comfortable? Are they sturdy? Can you fuck on them? The beds were even the subject of a viral social media theory that claimed the beds were designed to deter Olympians from having sex. That rumor was put to rest by multiple news outlets as well as the Olympians themselves, who posted reviews of their beds on TikTok.

Olympic bed content on the video-sharing app became so prevalent the hashtag cardboardbed has amassed more than eight million views. But she also just straight up looked like a dementor. GameStop sitting amongst Tesla and Amazon after reddit users make it a Fortune company pic.

The Redditors prevailed, causing major financial damages for certain hedge funds, specifically Melvin Capital. The incident prompted restrictions on trading the stock and even conversations over whether the stock market should be government regulated.

The idea that a bunch of Redditors successfully trolled Wall Street tycoons was stellar meme fodder. We passed the one-year mark of the pandemic this March and it sparked lots of reflection and comparison. But most of all, we learned none of us have fully processed March Tiktok-LinkedIn-Instagram-Twitter pic.

A photo of The French Dispatch cast in Cannes was full of meme potential. Me when i applied for college and got accepted without knowing what i was getting myself into SquidGame pic. But because Squid Game was possibly the most-watched show of , it inevitably produced countless memes. The measly amount, which could maybe cover one month of rent, inspired many users to fantasize about all kinds of extravagant activities they could spend their newfound wealth on.

At one point in October, your social feeds were likely drowning in a sea of red flags. Everyone from Dolly Parton to Burger King was going ham with the red flag emoji, using the icon to jokingly signal a problem or concern with something or someone.

I would ditch my man in a heartbeat for a six-second interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio without a second thought. This article was featured in the InsideHook newsletter. Sign up now. Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. And awesome. Popular at InsideHook. The Goods Deals Subscribe Account. Internet Updated December 21, am. Bing bong! By Logan Mahan missloganmarie.

AshleyKSmalls January 20, RIP edgar allen poe i know he woud’ve loved that’s so raven — jordan mygfreal March 22, More Like This.

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News, advice and insights for the most interesting man in the room. Email Please enter a valid email address. I accept the Terms and Conditions , and Privacy Policy. I am over 21 years. It was stunning to watch, but some parts seemed a bit goofy. Namely when The Weeknd is running around a disorienting gold maze backstage. So of course, the internet made it a meme. This has been a great year for a lot of people—Jake Gyllenhaal is not one of them. Tough look, Jake.

TikTok has become a new haven for internet memes. The one that stood out to us this year was Sea-Shanty TikTok. Love it or hate it, the people in that trend are talented. We never expected to enjoy a sea shanty, but TikTok had a different idea. I really needed to hear your terrible attempt at sounding young this year. And Twitter agrees. As soon as the Wrapped came out this year, people started calling out how weirdly written it is. But hey, I still like seeing my music for the year so Spotify gets a pass.

In March , the pandemic changed the way we live our lives. So when March rolled around, none of us were prepared. It felt like March just happened. At least we got some great jokes out of it. With vaccines and boosters out, we can breathe a little easier than we did at the beginning of the pandemic.

So, why not poke a little fun at the CDC? The result: a brand-new meme for Twitter to jump on. As one of the most open-ended memes of the year, this one went in a lot of different directions. But people have inserted a host of different things into the format.

Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? That cheesy pickup line has never worked, but it did spawn one of the biggest memes of With so many different possibilities, the internet wasted no time. And yes, it did hurt. So much so that the internet caught on and began to poke fun at Mr.

Diesel for it. But I digress. For whatever reason, hurting yourself by walking on a stack of milk crates became a huge trend this year. And while a few people successfully made it across the crates, most ended up eating concrete and plastic. To everyone bold enough to try this challenge—thank you so much for all of the content.

There are so many great memes this year that we had to leave out. But this is the core content that got us through Hopefully, this list took your mind off the grind for a little bit. Thanks for reading, Terriers! On to He can be reached at timnorth bu. Boston University moderates comments to facilitate an informed, substantive, civil conversation.

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While he escaped the U. While some people joked about his absence, others photoshopped his airport escapade into various, and humorous, situations. First photo from Perseverance Mars rover. With screengrabs mimicking something like the spins, the Twitterverse was quick to their keyboards to make now-viral jokes using stills from the live stream.

While reliving the heart-wrenching album fans heard in their youth — but now with a bottle of wine and real heartbreak — it was enough to cause a few mental breakdowns their version.

Thankfully, Twitter was exempt from the outage, becoming a beacon of humorous light amidst the digital turmoil. Twitter holding social media after whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook went down…… pic. Two hours later, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook still down instagramdown whatsappdown facebookdown pic.

Leave it to the internet to turn an inspirational image into a joke. The ,ton ship was lodged diagonally, blocking traffic, due to high winds in the area. Of course, there were photos of the incident and, naturally, Twitter had a field day.

There are never too many Oprah reactions to everything, the woman who has an expression for it all. This time, the comedians of the internet took screengrabs from her tell-all interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry about ditching royal life. At least staying in and watching TV for a few more weeks is better than a telephone pole to the head.

It’s important to be in touch with all the sides of your persona, but over the fall internet denizens were subjected to a barrage of feminine urges. The feminine urge to equate silly little items with self-care , the feminine urge to ask if someone’s mad at you , the feminine urge to keep your towel on forever after you shower.

What started as a tweet from late about Princess Diana probably loving the video game Total War: Warhammer 2 if she was alive today steamrolled into a very funny meme format in March of , predicting what other deceased famous people would have liked or loathed with surprising accuracy based on topline facts about them.

Albert Einstein? For those who partake in recreational Mary Jane , it’s mainly a chillaxing agent—a means to some form of calm and deadened awareness, whether that be social or solitary. But those who partake also know that you’re always toeing the line between supes chill vibes and rampant uncontrollable panic attack: Stray too far into the tall grass and you’ll end up sitting rigidly on your couch for an hour, desperately wondering which of your friends hates you the most. In these times, it’s important to remember that it’s all in your head.

Times are still pretty dark, and, fittingly, our extremely online sense of humor is even darker. Along with the news of the military taking control of the government came this video of a fitness instructor teaching a live class, totally unaware that there are tanks breaching the barricade behind her. When comedian Jensen Karp tweeted a photo of something, uh, fishy amongst his crunchy squares of Cinnamon Toast, he ignited a furor that occupied the 1 trending spot on Twitter for two days.

Finding shrimp tails in your just-opened bag of cereal is one thing, but then Cinnamon Toast themselves had the audacity to claim it was just accumulated cinnamon-sugar, resulting in a back-and-forth that may still be going on.

The saga was written up in The New York Times , Karp himself was discovered to be married to Topanga from Boy Meets World before he ended up getting sort of canceled , and millions of citizens doggedly searched their bags of bran for more mysterious passengers for a week afterward. Before he got back together with Jennifer Lopez and basically reenacted the “Jenny from the Block” music video, Ben Affleck was apparently surfing the apps for some human connection.

Obviously, the video wasn’t meant for all of us to gawk at, but… it is funny. Here’s hoping his current relationship works out do he doesn’t have to go back on the apps again. When the 1,foot-long container ship Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal for days, it stopped up global supply chains everywhere but released a stream of memes that could fill an entire list.

The Big Boat was the only thing anyone was talking about for nearly a week in March as many of us were just starting to venture out of our homes again, and the incremental measures taken to free the Ever Given ‘s prow from the Suez mud—a prow so big it made industrial machinery look like children’s toys—looked so hilarious we couldn’t help but post through it.

After one Twitter user posted those words next to photos of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin from The Social Network , everyone started joining in using those sentences to illuminate their favorite feuds, fictional or otherwise. Even Jeremy O. Look, you just had to be there! A meme that sprung up randomly in celebration of nostalgic and bizarre objects and shows from our past is just what we need to get us through the next few weeks, endlessly scrolling through reminders of the awful clothing we used to wear, the accessories the fashion world sold to us, and the truly weird TV we used to watch.

The ’90s kids are at it again. When Hot Vax Summer rolled around, those of us who were fortunate enough to receive the jab were ready to channel all the pent-up energy of two and a half years indoors into rampant misbehavior. Good thing Twitter was around to remind us all what was and wasn’t appropriate to do to celebrate our newfound freedom, using popular movie plots to illustrate their point. Convince a bunch of high schoolers to compete in a battle of the bands?? Blackmail a whole dinner party with an attempted murder??

Hit up Sweden’s midsummer festival? Not with all those travel restrictions. Early in the year, Texas found itself in the throes of an unseasonably cold winter, as power outages and dangerous weather conditions nearly stopped the entire state in its tracks. At the same time, the Mars rover Perseverance was landing on the surface of the red planet, prompting Twitter users to post many a joke about Cruz’s plane making a pit stop on his return trip, using photos snapped of the senator sheepishly dragging a suitcase through the airport.

When the stars align, memes are born. Oprah’s interview with royal couple Harry and Meghan was full of revelations, from the mental health afflictions brought on by intense public scrutiny to the couple’s critique of the monarchy as an institution.

Oprah herself was rapt, providing perfectly timed reactions to each of their statements—in other words, the basis for a great meme format. There’s a teapot in the palace that’s fifth in line for the throne. The diverging dress senses of the cast of movie, The French Dispatch, caught the eye of many in this photo from the Cannes film festival. Tiktok-LinkedIn-Instagram-Twitter pic. Did you find inspiration among these funny memes?

Then why not try making your own with the inPixio meme generator. The year kicked off on an optimistic note with a funny Instagram meme credited to Dolly Parton. A post shared by Dolly Parton dollyparton. It was also the month that the Tiger King docuseries appeared on Netflix and sparked some of the top new memes of A post shared by Dad Wilder dad. Stories about the return of wildlife to urban areas during lockdown were widespread on social media by spring.

On closer examination, however, several of these stories turned out to be fake. According to these funny memes, all manner of creatures and even objects had returned to our cities during quarantine. The earth is healing, we are the virus. Some of the funniest memes were inspired by TV nostalgia. April saw the beginning of the Gossip Girl jumble meme, where the challenge was to caption a picture from the show with a random question and response.

The only rule? By May, lockdowns and self-isolation were starting to take their toll on many of us. Naturally, everyone loved it, and a ton of people made duets, accompanying it on pianos , guitars, violins , flutes , harps , and trumpets and layering on their own vocal harmonies until it was transformed into a gorgeous, cumulative symphony.

And now, clinching the elusive title of horniest meme of the year! The audio blew up, especially among queer women on the platform. Like in this one , a TikTok user counts how many times he uses the same wrong words in the video. In another, someone wrote out the entire lyrics and that eventually led to a really soothing cover. Whilst the observation that white girls dance just slightly offbeat with their hands in the air has been long noted by historians , this year it really took off as a meme.

Black people on TikTok then started lifting their White Claws in the air to do the dance too. The meme of the two people on opposite sides of a bus , where one of the passengers gets a view an d the other does not, really took off in mid-November.

The way it works in meme form is by associating something negative with the sad-faced passenger looking out at the hill and something positive with the lucky fellow looking out at the view. According to Know Your Meme , the meme was first used by Brazilian Twitter users and then it made its way to Reddit and eventually back to the English-speaking side of Twitter. The announcement of the Omicron variant of coronavirus was met with the same exhausted but frenzied energy as Delta: memes.

Imagine this: You are offered millions of dollars and the chance to become immortal. The catch? A giant snail — whose mere touch will kill you instantly — also becomes immortal and will hunt you down for eternity.

This hypothetical scenario originated in on the podcast Rooster Teeth but resurfaced in August in a TikTok from benjhandy.


The best memes of , from TikTok to YouTube – Polygon.Best Memes Of The Year

The 35 Best Memes of · “once covid is over” is starting to sound like “once I finish this shroud for Laertes” · “I’m here live, I’m not a cat. This year’s greatest hits, from red flags to Beatles gags. So, we’ve collected the best memes of here for you. The best memes from.


Meme of the year 2021. The Best Memes of 2021

Dec 29,  · Best Memes of the Year Enjoy 1 hour of Awesome ram: Server: for. Dec 27,  · Here are Polygon’s favorite memes of Now look at this Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘n’ Nite” was a hugely popular TikTok sound this year. Creators used the “now look at this” bit of . Dec 21,  · By Logan Mahan @missloganmarie. was surely a year of highs and lows. Besides that little insurrection at the Capitol to start us off, the New Year looked promising: .