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He has been responsible for the development and improvement of life skills within a specific work environment. Aiman enjoys farming activities with small decorative plants. Badminton is his favorite past time. He is currently trying to grow a hydroponic organic vegetable garden for his home. Along with his wife he is an active community and neighborhood resource for everyday social and environmental issues.

She graduated from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu with Bachelor of Science : Analytical and Environmental Chemistry in and started her career as Technical Engineer in manufacturing plastic industry in March She is responsible to monitor, review and propose for improvement on productivity, quality and efficiency of production process or operating procedures and products.

Besides, work with production team on implementation of programmes to reduce production wastage and problem trouble shooting, and review systematically on product requirement according QMS practise for standardization of process. Humairaa loves reading books during leisure time and during weekend, she enjoys hiking and jogging to promote a healthy lifestyle. His core responsibility includes providing smallholder engagement and retention.

He supports all technical activities at the farm including, farm verification and mapping, supervising field workers for various sampling activities and collecting agronomic data. Nasir comes from a second generation of independent smallholder farmers in the state of Johor. He has more than 20 years of farming experience. He also manages and advises on his family farms which are around 4 hectare in size. Nasir is the president of the Parent Teacher Association at Bukit Kuari National School to help and assist in developing curriculum and imparting distant learning during the pandemic.

Supporting the Certification team for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO Certification among independent smallholder farmers RISS , his focus is to help design interventions that increase the awareness among the smallholder farmer community to understand the importance of sustainability through knowledge and technology, while improving their livelihood in general.

He started his career as an Operational Training Executive at Western Digital Media Sdn Bhd where he was involved in developing, implementing and assessing the training materials for employees. He has been able to provide the necessary support to the team of agronomists and field workers. He started his career as an Assistant Field Coordinator at Proforest where he has gained practical working experience with various stakeholders including international companies and public listed companies in Malaysia.

She started her career as administration officer at one of housing companies in Johor Bahru and as a tutor for secondary school students in Pasir Gudang. Amanina enjoys gardening and decorating her house with indoor plants like cactus and orchids.

Reading motivation and religious book is her favorite during leisure time. During weekend, she has been a tutor to help her neighborhood and community on academic syllabus. She also helping the community regarding agriculture knowledge such as planting techniques. He is responsible for the compliance of environmental and traceability aspects for No-deforestation, No-peat and No-exploitation NDPE policy.

From his previous employment, he has gained experience in capacity building for both internal and external aspect of human resources, law compliance for working sites, and also lead the responsibility in managing the welfare of foreign workers. He comes from a second generation independent smallholder farmer family in the state of Johor. Badminton and futsal is his favorite past time. He is an active community and neighborhood resource for everyday social and environmental issues.

During the current pandemic he has been an active volunteer distributing food and goods to the families in real need. He is currently helping to repair and paint the wall at his neighborhood mosque. She finds it exciting to help identification of sources of FFB supply from Collection Centers to farms, in analysing social risk within the supplier network. She is responsible for ongoing engagement with the current suppliers and data collection including potential FFB suppliers upstream.

Amy has been actively involved in managing sexual and domestic violence during her service with the Royal Malaysian Police at their Selangor Police Headquarters. She has experience as a Police Enforcer under the Law of Malaysia in Selangor and Johor where she was responsible for security and community crime prevention and weapon control.

Amy is also a second-generation independent smallholder from the state of Johor with other smallholders in the family. She is also responsible for the social and traceability compliance aspect of No-deforestation, No-peat and No-exploitation NDPE policy for the program. Izzah just give birth to her first child in She has been attending classes on breastfeeding and understanding baby language.

This has helped develop a greater understanding of child development. His technical expertise includes proving oil palm stakeholders and smallholders engagement and support and all on-farm technical support. In the past he has worked in various smallholder projects and initiatives i.

Saiful is active in the youth community in his residential area which had conducted activities such as family days, sports and educational activities. Other than that, Saiful considers photography to be an essential part of his life.

Saiyidah is a Field Officer at the Center for Sustainable Small-owners CSS for the Certification and Compliance initiative with a clear supporting responsible sourcing policy and various certification efforts for the independent smallholder farmers.

She joined Wild Asia from to She has a vast experience conducting baseline studies and Social Environmental Impact Assessment for smallholder communities. During the ongoing pandemic especially with the implementation of Movement Control Order MCO Saiyidah took initiative with her family to help the local vegetable farmers who could not sell their produce at the wet markets.

Saiyidah and her family handed over the initiative to the local community which is still ongoing. Danial is the Field Officer for Traceability and Verification initiative leading the operations for traceability and verification for No-deforestation, No-peat and No-exploitation NDPE in the supply chain. He is responsible in managing the internal control system for engagement with different stakeholders, for spatial analysis for supply chain risk mapping and field verification of potential upstream suppliers within the supply chain.

His expertise are supplier risk assessment, supplier engagement, traceability and mapping for FFB sources of supply to the farm. Danial is actively involved in a drug prevention and addiction program for younger generation in his local community.

Danial has been a volunteer cook for various food and support programs run by his community for the needy. Before joining the CSS Sustainability initiative she worked for two years in an oil and gas company and nine years with Sime Darby Plantation. Her role included managing rapport with key stakeholders and uphold the UN values — Respect for Diversity, Integrity and Professionalism. She is also a certified Lead Auditor in SA and has vast experience collaborating with government, private sectors and NGO companies.

He loves to play football and tennis. He is an active member of his residential association to promote sustainable living. Hanni has a Ph. She has been a part of the operation special projects team managing initiatives under the Taxi Industry Transformation Program when working with the Land and Public Transport Commission from As a mother of three children, Hanni believes that we are all responsible and accountable for the kind of living we wish for our kids and future generations to inherit.

Since becoming a parent, she is more eco-conscious and has been changing her lifestyle to be environmentally friendly. Hanni is devoted to sustainable parenting and wants to get her young boys involved in caring for the planet as early as possible. Asad has worked full time in the industry for over twelve years in various supply chain IT, telecom and e-commerce projects, leading to his teaching interests in the areas of predictive and prescriptive analytics, software systems, data modelling and corporate supply chain responsibility.

After graduating from MIT with B. Working with Teach for Malaysia he was able to narrow in on the issue and hopes ASB will be the next step in guiding him towards his pedagogical pursuits. He earned a Ph. His current research interest focuses on corporate finance, macroeconomics, and banking. She received her Ph. Her research interests include precarious work, workplace inequality, socioeconomic mobility, work motivation, fairness, work-family dynamics, employee well-being, and workplace trauma.

She aims to explain and mitigate the motivational and behavioral challenges faced by workers in underprivileged conditions. With 27 years of experience in various industries including banking, process manufacturing and non-profit services, she plays a strategic role in encouraging the active participation of Malaysian employers to continuously upgrade the knowledge and skills of their employees.

Wan Yon is actively involved in a special government project to rejuvenate skills and competencies of latent educated women, increasing their participation in the economic development of the country.

Under stringent and transparent criteria, the Award winners are judged by an independent panel of regionally and globally-respected corporate executives, public and societal leaders. All nominations are required to undergo the following three stages of selection :.

Nominations are submitted by the general public across Asia as part of an open call for nominations. Additionally, nominees may be identified through internal research by a nomination committee from Asia School of Business. The top seven nominees in each category are shortlisted for judging by the ILEA Advisory Council, compris ing over a dozen prominent leaders from the corporate and the public sectors.

The Advisory Council will make the final selection of winners of the awards. She conducts training programmes and carries out research in corporate governance. She also teaches in the Pathway to a Governance Practitioner Program namely the Risk Management module and other custom-built programs.

Ting Memorial Foundation. Hans Genberg is a respected thought leader with considerable publications on issues related to exchange rate regimes, reserve management, and capital markets development.

Genberg has incredible insights into the future of the international monetary system. While many people speculate the possibility that the Chinese Renminbi will one day replace the US Dollar as the premier international currency—just as the US Dollar once replaced the Pound Sterling as the main international currency—Prof. Genberg presents a different possibility. In this Masterclass, Prof.

Genberg provides a case as to why a substantial switch from Dollar to Renminbi hegemony in the international monetary system is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Rather, what may happen is that technological advances will reduce the importance of any single currency in the system and that a somewhat more multipolar arrangement will emerge in certain aspects of international monetary relations. Leaders and businesses dealing with international trade and currencies, global markets, and investments cannot afford to miss out on this Masterclass. Participants will gain valuable insights on how to prepare for these new technological advances in the international monetary system that will likely impact global growth and national economic developments.

The most powerful leaders and successful entrepreneurs are also great storytellers. Stories are a very powerful vehicle to communicate a message while evoking emotion to spark action. In leadership communication, stories can convey certain messages that cannot be shared as effectively otherwise. Stories allow listeners the privilege of being immersed in the plot and form powerful imageries that will be imprinted in their hard drives for a very long time. This short session will share tips and best practices on how leaders can use storytelling to inspire listeners.

Participants will learn how to deliver stories that create an impact on their listeners. Leaders and managers who attend this session will walk away with knowledge on how to develop storytelling skills that will help them communicate more effectively to inspire action. This skill will be invaluable when you want to convince investors, clients, customers, or your teams to be aligned with your vision and take action. If leadership is a journey, where is the map?

This is what Dr. Thun is one of the foremost experts on dissecting complex management and business models and cascading them for easy implementation by companies across different industries. His robust B. In his Masterclass, Dr. Thun will go through an intricate framework that explains why some leaders thrive while others fail. Participants will learn:. This Masterclass is for for managers, leaders, organizational transformation teams, changemakers, and anyone interested in igniting their own leadership to become more effective at getting results from their teams.

Melati Nungsari is an applied microeconomist specializing in industrial organization, public economics, market design, and economic education. Her research focuses on two-sided matching platforms with search, and how firms use pricing to correct for negative externalities on the platform. Platforms are environments, digital or otherwise, that connect different groups and derive benefits from others participating in the platform.

The topics covered will include an overview of micro-engineering in marketplaces and how to win in platform competition. Leaders of companies and startups devoted to platform businesses, or business divisions devoted to developing platforms within a large company, can really benefit from this Masterclass. By the end of the Masterclass, participants will learn how to leverage the strategies to make a well-functioning platform, optimally price platforms, and scale-up platform businesses.

This session will overview successful CSR practices of leading companies in relation to these human rights or environmental policies to create social impact and shareholder returns. Leaders who attend this talk will gain insights on a path forward to strengthen their CSR efforts and results.

In this talk, de Oliveira shares his expertise on the main issues surrounding the energy industry. Some of the topics that will be covered include how public policies and geopolitical factors will affect investment decisions and the rate of transition towards a low carbon, environmentally-friendly, energy production, and consumption standard.

The talk will also explore how global trends in the energy industry can affect business operations. By the end of this session, participants will have a better understanding of how the business environment of different sources of energy are evolving, and the trade-offs involved in transitioning to renewable sources of energy.

Loredana Parudean is a global entrepreneurial academic with a track record of program, school, and intellectual leadership for multiple degrees. Amongst the key insights and actionable steps participants will gain from this Masterclass are:. This Masterclass is an exclusive opportunity for leaders to learn the original framework taught several times in MIT programs and at ASB.

By the end of the Masterclass, leaders will understand the tools they need to lead their companies into a new stage of growth, as well as understand the kind of employees they need to succeed at each stage of growth. A well-respected thought leader in the field of negotiation and leadership , Bruno Verdini has led award-winning research on how to negotiate high-stakes agreements that foster energy transition and enhance natural resource management by erasing decades of mistrust and confrontation.

He has also been fortunate to coach and design executive training in the art and science of negotiation for presidents, supreme court justices, and CEOs from over 80 countries. Amidst the COVID pandemic, leaders and communities are challenged to navigate three main factors: the re-configuring of business and commercial interests amidst social distancing; the rapid adoption and deployment of scientific and medical insights without extensive practice; and the diverging social justice and political interpretations of an array of stakeholders.

Upskill with an online short course Get instant access to online training for these in-demand Geologist skills. Is Geologist the right role for me? Job market trends for Geologists. Source: SEEK. Latest Geologist reviews. Reviewer’s Qualification. Working away can be hard on families, it is still a male dominated industry and can be tougher going for a female who is career driven but also has children and family responsibilities – many in the i Read more.

Find things no one has ever seen. Figure out what is happening to create and develop an economic ore deposit. Dealing with individuals who may have mental health or interpersonal issues. Explore similar careers. Read more from SEEK. Should you stay in your job when your colleagues are quitting? Job seekers.

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BrighterMonday Kenya. Catho Brazil. Jobberman Nigeria. JobStreet SE Asia. Field Geophysicist. Geophysicist – Sydney, New South Wales. Senior Project Geophysicist. Research Scientist – Next Horizon Geophysicist. Exploration Geologist. Job ads. See all related jobs on SEEK. How to become a Geophysicist.

To become a Geophysicist you have to complete a bachelor degree and gain experience working in the field pf geophysics. Complete a bachelor degree in science with a major in geophysics, geoscience or a combination of geology and physics. Gain experience working in the field of geophysics at a mining or environmental organisation. While you could find a job without any experience, employers may prefer candidates with fieldwork experience, so look for opportunities to work while studying.

An internship in the field in which you would like to work can be helpful for landing your first job. Alternatively, you might do volunteer work for an environmental organisation or you may gain experience working as an assistant to a geophysicist. Explore related qualifications SEEK users who have worked as a Geophysicist have studied these qualifications. Bachelor of Science Develop broad skills in science to prepare for opportunities in a range of industries with this qualification.

See 33 institutions that offer this course in Australia and Online. Bachelor of Science Honours. See 3 institutions that offer this course in Australia. Bachelor of Arts This qualification gives you broad skills and knowledge in your chosen area of specialisation to get you started in your career. Powered by. Skills and experience employers are looking for Hi there , have any of these? Arc GIS. Data Processing. Mineral Exploration.

Data Acquisition. Presentation Software. Matlab Programming. Sign in or Register. Based on your skills, here are some roles to explore. Roles where your skills are commonly valued by employers.

Did you find this helpful? Upskill with an online short course Get instant access to online training for these in-demand Geophysicist skills. Is Geophysicist the right role for me? Job market trends for Geophysicists. Source: SEEK. Latest Geophysicist reviews. Reviewer’s Qualification.



Pathway program usa jobstreet indonesia earthquake.USA Pathway Programs

Complete a degree in science or applied science with a major in geology, geoscience, applied geology, geophysics or earth sciences. Gain experience in the area. New Science & Technology Jobs for active in Singapore available today on JobStreet – Quality Candidates, Quality Employers.


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