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To begin, let’s take a look at each of the available search pages. So now, wherever you are on the site, you can always search for job opportunity announcements. The first option will bring you to the page we are currently on. The next option is the Browse Jobs link. On the Browse Jobs page, you can quickly narrow your search results down to a specific agency or sub-agency, U.

You are not able to make multiple selections from this page, and you will be immediately brought to your search results as soon as you select an option. This is the page that you can use to make multiple selections up front before ever looking at your search results. Federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint can also search international locations on this federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint, which you are unable to do from the Browse Jobs page.

From here, you are able to select multiple options from each section, and also select from multiple different sections before you see any search results. Before we continue to the other search pages, let’s take a look at the keyword search tips that will help you find the job opportunity announcement that you federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint looking for. On the help page, click the Keyword Search Tips link to view more in-depth information.

This page will give you a great deal of information about using Boolean Logic to manipulate your search to provide the results that you’re looking for. Let’s continue with the tutorial to по этому сообщению at the other search related pages and conduct an читать search. The next page we will look at is the Jobs in Demand page.

These are job opportunity announcements that the Office of Personnel Management and the posting agency have determined to be in demand. When you select Jobs in Demand, you are immediately brought to the search results page to view these job opportunity announcements. The last option is the Most Popular Jobs page. This option will bring you to a tools page you can use to find out about Federal job opportunity announcement trends and user trends.

The default page is the Top Occupations in Demand report. This report shows you the top 50 occupations with the most jobs. Each of the occupations listed below are a link that when clicked, will bring you to a job search results page with that occupation selected.

Now that you have seen the different search pages and tools to help you, let’s conduct a search by performing a keyword search for accountant. Federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint on our search results page, we will look at how to narrow our results to find the perfect job opportunity announcement. From here, you can also select to see the following reports that will also allow you to link to the searches they represent.

Agency – This shows the top 50 agencies with the most job opportunity announcements for the previous month. Locations – This shows the top 50 locations with the most job opportunity announcements for the previous month. Jobs – This shows the top 50 keyword searches for the previous month. This helps you understand what other job seekers are searching for.

Views – This federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint the top 50 jobs that had the most views читать job seekers in the last month. This report is also helpful to see what other job seekers are looking at.

The search results page has many different sections to it. The main section is your list of job opportunity announcements that meet your search criteria. To modify your current search, you can use the same search fields we started with to change or remove your keyword or add additional words to your search string, as well as conducting a radius based search of a city and state or zip code.

To view what your current search criteria is, you can view the Current Search box. Other than any search criteria you have added, you also have the ability to change your eligibility preference. If you are unsure of your eligibility for applying to job opportunity announcements, please click on the help question mark for assistance.

Or you can use the Refine Your Results section to narrow your search results based on any search criteria already selected. When using the different sections in this area, one item to note is that the available selections will automatically update based on the criteria you already have selected. This is done to prevent you from making selections that have no search results to display.

The first option is to refine by your desired salary range. To refine your search, you can click on the desired selection and your search results will refresh. As we select each of our refining criteria, you will see that your search results are updated, and that you are narrowing your search results. Prior to selecting our desired salary range, we had job opportunity announcements in our results, and we now only have Here you can see the salary range that we added. And this blue dot indicates that we have made a selection for this category.

The next option is to filter for a specific GS pay grade. The available selections are grades 1 through Адрес страницы list starts at 5 because of the salary range that we have already selected.

For this search, we will select that we want to see job federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint взято отсюда posted at the grade level of 9 or equivalent. Next, we will look at the available list of job occupation groups.

This list has been significantly shortened because of our keyword search of accountant. If we did not have any other search criteria, this list would contain all job occupation groups available.

For this search, we will select Accounting, Budget And Finance. Because the occupation list has different series grouped into each one, we will automatically be showed federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint list of available series selections within this occupation group. Because we are looking for accountant job opportunity announcements, this is the occupational series we will select.

When you refine your results usajobs pathways recent graduates schoology bcps schoology a category that has a second selection within it, like Occupations or Agencies, then this area will remain open to show that you have selected a sub-option within that category.

Next, let’s look at the agency list. As with the Occupations list, this list has been significantly reduced based on all of the other selection criteria we have selected.

If we had not selected any previous search criteria, this list would contain all agencies that currently have active job opportunity announcements. For this search, we will select the Department of Commerce. Please note that agency names like this one that contain the word “Department” are listed by federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint main agency name to help you locate it in the alphabetical list.

Although they have now been removed based on our previous selections, there are two additional categories that may appear prior to the next one we will review. The Student Jobs section however has 6 federal jobs usajobs websites likert template powerpoint selections listed below.

Although we currently only have the one option to select, there are several options in the full list from posted within the last 24 hours through the last 60 days. If you would like to see all job opportunity announcements, regardless of when they were posted, you would want to skip this section when refining. Next, let’s look at the different scheduling options available.

Although the option does not appear in our refine area, there is another section prior to the last one for Tenure which allows you нажмите чтобы узнать больше select either Permanent or Temporary. Although the only current option is Full-Time, there are 6 available options shown below. Exclude These. If desired, you can exclude job opportunity announcements that are posted as being Nationwide as the location or those that have been posted to be open for longer than 30 days.

If desired, you can also set up an RSS feed of your search. Now that we have narrowed down the search results through our refining categories, let’s look at the options that we нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. To open the job opportunity announcements, you will need to click on the job opportunity announcement title in the Job Summary column.

The default view for search results is the brief view of the job opportunity announcements. If you would like to expand the view of any one job opportunity announcement, you can click the Expand link.

To go back to the original view, you can click the Collapse link. If you would like to expand the view of all job opportunity announcements, you can click on the Detailed View link. If desired, you can click the Brief View tab to go back to the previous view.

Another option you have to help you is to view the area the job opportunity announcement is in by selecting the View Map link. This option is also available inside the job opportunity announcement while you are viewing it. You can also click the More like this link to view job opportunity announcements that have similar criteria, but would читать полностью otherwise appear in your results due to some differences.

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