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Written on 18 August Mayor Knudsen called the meeting to order at P. Mayor Knudsen moved the reading of ordinance by title on second reading and that the Public Hearing thereon be opened. Deputy Mayor Sedon seconded the motion. Mayor Knudsen stated that the Public Hearing was opened.

Sourcewll were no comments from the usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost and Mayor Knudsen moved that the Public Hearing be closed. Councilwoman Reynolds moved that ordinance be adopted usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost second reading and final publication as required by law.

Before voting, Councilwoman Perron stated that she really appreciated all the time that people have put into this issue. Everyone has tried to compromise and she thinks the initial compromises of no longer issuing badges to non-residents is very important, as well as requiring muted usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost which was proved usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost the sound study.

They are also going to re-hang the sound barrier curtains and she thinks those are good initial compromises but she thinks nnypost are too many accommodations being made in terms of cutting back the days and hours. She suggested seeing if those initial things work. To cut out whole days usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost a public recreational facility жмите сюда a very bad precedent and also we are spending a lot of money on a monitor to ask about badges.

Not allowing play on two days a week is contrary to the mission of Parks and Recreation, and she is also concerned that this mostly affects people over 50 who are jogs pickleball.

Councilwoman Reynolds stated that she was voting yes, but she added that she was there twice to hear the sound, once in October and a couple weeks ago. The sound was different, and was definitely lower. She thinks the перейти was much more robust usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost October than it was the poen day, and she wants to see how this works when the courts are packed and they are playing hard. If it is a burden, maybe they have to put courts elsewhere to have a seven day a week program, but she thinks this is a good start.

Mayor Knudsen stated that she, Councilwoman Walsh, Ms. Mailander, and our Parks Director, met several times with spokespeople for the pickleball community and this fedrral a compromise that was crafted to ensure that pickleball play could resume while offering some relief to the neighbors.

She puts the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the Village Council. They put a pickleball court on the property line, and all of the research indicates that was an inappropriate placement and is disruptive to the neighbors.

They asked Parks to come up with additional plans elsewhere in the Village, but this is a starting point and is a tremendous compromise. Susan Knudsen. Deputy Mayor Sedon read a required announcement regarding the remote meeting format. Mayor Knudsen led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag as well as in a Moment of Silence for our men and women serving our nation, our First Responders, all members of our Asian and Asian American and Pacific Islanders AAPI community, and all those who have suffered at the hands of needless violence.

James Bostler, Newcomb Road, governmet that he is on the Open Space Committee, but this in no way reflects a committee opinion. Regarding pickleball, he understands that there is a new compromise vote being considered tonight and it has to do with the pickleball court being restricted to 30 hours a week and a limited number of days to be played.

He продолжить чтение against this idea. As he views it, open space is not necessarily land and property, it is a service to the community. So if you limit that service to the community, you are doing a disservice to the community. There are only a couple of households objecting to the pickleball courts. It sets a dangerous precedent in that a couple of households complaining about noise coming from an open space in the community that serves the community could proliferate to other open spaces or other /27897.txt. Erin Taddei, Bogert Avenue, stated that she sees that the Social Media Policy is on the agenda for later in the evening and she was calling to urge the Village Council to immediately adopt and implement some kind of common sense social media policy.

For the better part of a year and a half, her requests for this have gone largely ignored. She reiterated the negative comments that were directed to her online by a current member of the Planning Board, and added that when this was brought to the Village Council, this woman was allowed to continue to serve.

It is beyond concerning that this was tolerated for so long and she sincerely hopes that tonight is the beginning of a zero tolerance policy. Taddei stated that it is her understanding that the member of the Planning Board was told her behavior was abhorrent and unacceptable, it would not be tolerated again. She urged them to do investigating because she believes the message was lost in translation. She hopes this is the beginning of the end of the Village Sourceaell tolerating bullying in any way, shape, or form.

She believes this person should be immediately removed from their position and hopes that they would send nyost strong message that this kind of behavior has no home in our Village. Rurik Halaby, Evergreen Place, stated that regarding Schedler, as he wrote in an email to the Village Council, he asks that the project be put on hold.

This administration has been in charge of Schedler for 6 years and it has proven to be nothing but a money pit. He suggested they put the project in the hands of a Blue Ribbon Committee that can come up with a plan that we can all be proud of. Regarding the budget, he urged the Village Sourcedell to present the budget in an open town hall setting where residents are allowed to ask questions and usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost in a discussion with the CFO.

They urge them to apply for the grant and appreciate everything. There are a lot of people who want the house finished and love the idea of the house. She thinks they are exclusionary and slightly mean to the pickleball population and she thinks they are going to be having a bigger problem when other people get wind that time has been limited at a public park. Winograd stated that regarding Schedler, she agrees that Schedler is an important piece of land and some of the events that have happened over the past year have made it more important.

Our existing land is overutilized, привожу ссылку the grass fields. She has questions about the project and wants to understand when the full seven acres became historic and why, where are the details supporting the acreage, why were two plans submitted to SHPO without being presented to the full Village Council. She feels that both Parks and Recreation and Open Space should get a look at what has been submitted. She also asked why they prematurely bonded for a project that they are not currently moving forward on.

Winograd added that she looks forward to Schedler. Manish Shrimali, Terhune Road, stated that he источник echoing Ms. It comes with a lot of work and we appreciate that. Regarding Schedler, he would like to say the house, although a work in progress, should be completed.

We would like to see a plan to complete the project in its entirety and they do want to see regular updates coming from Council. Patty and Salvatore Infantino, 6 Betty Court, stated that she agrees with previous comments that Schedler is very important to this part of time and it is a work in progress, but she expects them to continue working on it until it comes together. She knows that there was tremendous concern that there was a second plan that came out of the woodwork but she agreed that she would like to see the plan.

Regarding pickleball, she agrees that opdn very few people who are against opening pickleball to the times that tennis was open, she hopes that they open it up for more time. Infantino added that as a physician, he was taken aback by нажмите для деталей hours that are allowed for playing pickleball as they have created the opportunity for people to play during the hottest time of the day and during the summer that can be very taxing on a senior citizen.

He understands that the surrounding houses experience this popping sound that is very annoying and they should try to mitigate that, but living next to a school they gocernment have some expectation of sound. He understands the houses concerns you use resume builders firstsource the sound but he thinks the hours need to be adjusted differently. Diane Seitter, Van Emburgh Avenue, gofernment that regarding pickleball, she agrees with all of the previous comments, adding that she wants to make sure that everyone has usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost the results of the sound study.

She shared some sound comparables and encouraged the Village Council to ask questions. The compromise was based on the sound study and a few other things including the muted balls, quieter paddles, and usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost non-resident badges.

They would love for the hours to be the same as tennis and want the courts to be available opdn all residents to play. Sean McCooe, 66 Walthery Avenue, stated that he wanted to reflect on that federzl that we had ten of our citizens killed this week and it brought him right back to Sandy Hook and it has been awhile since we had a great tragedy up here in По этой ссылке Jersey but it is effecting him in a serious way as well as ourdead in the US from COVID.

He added that he felt it needed a moment of silence and reflection. There are at least ten restaurants in Ridgewood that are uaa meals every week to those that are food insecure in and around Ridgewood. There were no additional comments from the public. Jackson stated that she had one written comment.

Walter Sohigian, 31 Ridge Road, wrote that he usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost commented on the unnecessary and inappropriate closing of the tennis and pickleball facilities while the Council altered access to the facilities. The condition of the court alone must be examined as this is a situation usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost possible legal ramifications.

Ridgewood Water — Ms. Mailander stated that Ridgewood Water would be hosting virtual open houses to provide the public with an opportunity to learn more about water quality.

After a short presentation, time will be set aside for customers to ask questions in the chat box and for them to be answered by a member of the Ridgewood Water team. The virtual open houses will be held via Zoom on April 6 th at P. They encouraged customers to take the time to attend and ask their questions. Although the Village is holding kobs clinics for Ridgewood residents, we are not guaranteed vaccines from week to week, and have usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost received new vaccines for the last two weeks.

To register in the Village, if you are in one of the categories that is currently being served, register on the website.

You will receive a reply email and be contacted once there are vaccines available and once you come up on the list. Mailander stated that the Village Ordinances which have federal usa openings foundry adopted are on the Village website by clicking on Departments, then Village Clerk, and Ordinances. They are working on getting the resolutions posted, as well.

Upcoming Village Council Meetings — Ms. Mailander stated that the upcoming Village Council meetings are broadcast live on YouTube, streamed on the Village website, and on the public access channels. Village Office Closures — Ms. There will be no garbage or governjent collection on that day and the Recycling Center will also be closed. Mailander stated that as a reminder, some garage and recycling days will actually change that week. The changes will be on the website, but she encouraged residents to check the Village calendar uda the Recycle Coach App which will confirm your recycling pickup and also the garbage pickup schedule.

Green Ridgewood — Councilwoman Perron stated that the Food Waste Program has begun and she is surprised by how much of her food waste was actually food scraps. It is more than half the weight of their garbage so she is eager to see the outcome of this pilot program. Infantino mentioned the sound study that was done, and there was usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourcewell nypost between impulsive noise and ambient noise, so it was a fairly sophisticated analysis.

At this joint meeting, she was impressed with the fact that our fields are maxed out, and Parks and Recreation is painfully aware of the dangers of overusing our Village resources.

We sorely need the Schedler project to come to fruition. Councilwoman Perron stated that jobw Village Manager mentioned the street sweeper and there was a commenter at the last meeting who asked whether there was suction in hobs street sweeper that is being purchased for the Hudson Street Garage.

There is a suction feature on this model. Chris Martin who governmenf been the Planning Board Attorney for the past five years announced he was stepping down, adding that he accepted a position as Deputy Attorney ynpost the New Jersey State Police.

Felina Restaurant came before the Board to request variance relief for their roof top bar and food prep location.



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